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Sick sick sick

hi, I'm really looking for some advice! 

this is very long winded so I apologise in advance.

My little boy was born at 37+2 via C section due to a complication with the cord he was jaundice pretty much from birth and went straight into nicu, we got him back after 4 days, whilst we was still in hospital he started projectile vomiting and ended up back in nicu he ended up being jaundice again and the vomiting was put down to reflux where they introduced gaviscon. 

The vomiting continued for the weeks after this, up until he was 7 weeks and they then decided it was a cows milk protein allergy, his milk was changed twice and is now currently on sma anfamil, we were also told to continue gaviscon. 

while the milk has helped with the projectile vomiting, and my baby is now more settled the sickness continued just not in force, we've been prescribed ranitidine and he's been on this for just little over a week to no avail.

he is sick from the minute he has his first bottle, to the minute he goes to bed, he is now 15weeks old, and goes approx 3 - 3 1/2 hours between feeds and in between these feeds he brings up his last bottle, we have tried everything, we tried lesser amounts more often, we tried different bottles, we tried side laying when feeding! His crib is raised,  keep him upright after feeds for 30 minutes! We have done everything! I am beginning to think it's not reflux, but I'm unsure as to where I go from here! Do I drag us back to the doctors for the millionth time to be told 'it gets easier once he starts weaning' or  'the fact he sleeps through the night means it really isn't that bad?' When in fact I think he sleeps through cause he's so tired from throwing up all day he's done in by bed time!

would any one suggest weaning him early? I really am just looking for some advice and to see if anyone else has been through this? I feel like I'm banging my head against a wall! Thank you, and sorry for being so long xx

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