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Baby not waking for feeds

Hi my 3 day old baby (was born 37+3 due to cholostatis) won't wake up for feeds at all,, my midwife said leave it no later than 5 hours before I wake him which I've been trying to do, but when I go to give him his bottle he is just falling straight back asleep and he is only taking a tiny amount of his milk and it usually dribbles out of his mouth, when I wake him again it's just the same thing he falls back asleep what do I do because I'm worried about him not getting enough feed?


  • Hiya ClairC95, welcome to MadeForMums and congratulations on your baby!

    We have two particular baby clubs that might interest you - one full of ladies who's babies were born in July 2016 and one with women whose babies were born in August 2016. 

    You might like to pop in there and ask the girls there what they think, as they'll have babies the same age as yours. 

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