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Hi my son is 6weeks and been on the Breast since birth, I'm looking to start expressing, to give myself a break if anything as he's up most of the night feeding. I don't want to sound selfish but think it's time dad helps a little with the feeds 🙈


  • Well, it's your choice. I stopped feeding my daughter when she was exactly 1 year and 3 months old. But, many doctors and medical science prefer's babies to be fed for a little longer. So, I think that it's entirely up to you. Well, I would like to mention a reference to "The World Health Organization" and the "National Health and Medical Research Council in Australia's recommendation. This says that babies should be breastfeeding (i.e. no other fluids or solids) for six months and then continued breastfeeding for nearly 12-24 months for the baby. Furthermore, it's extended toward the desire of baby and mother. So, if you want to stop; just get an appropriate alternate milk for your baby and don't stop breastfeeding within a single day; make it slowly. Yes, you should ask your husband. To start helping you with the issue. I do agree husbands do also have a role to play. It's not only mothers duty. My husband helped me with this in the beginning and now we are okay with this :))))

  • well done for managing 6 weeks solely BF. I am at 11 weeks and around 6 weeks my daughter developed really bad reflux and was started on gaviscon which she would not take. I express a bottle for each night after her bath to allow her to get her gaviscon. 

    at the beginning I struggled with breastfeeding and my nipples were cracked and sore. I was ready to quit when my friend suggested expressing. I ended up using nipple shields and expressing in between to keep my supply up. I used a medula manual pump and quite liked it as I set the pace. I managed 1-2oz per breast and this gradually increased to 3oz per breast. But I only express enough for 1 bottle per day now and don't have a spare supply.

    Its personal choice whether you want manual or electric pump. I would recommend the nuk latex teat bottle. This is similar to nipple and my daughter manages best with this bottle. But again every baby is different. Do you find your baby is hungry all night or looking for comfort? If you feel they are not hungry and just want to suckle you could try a dummy? I only use a dummy for car seat as daughter dislikes being in back alone. We use the nuk white and gold ones in size 0. Only one she would take. Just be careful baby doesn't replace feeding with sucking dummy. It's hard to balance in beginning lol.

    good luck. any other questions feel free to ask and I'll try answer. I didn't breastfeed my older daughter so I feel it's all learning for me too lol.

    natalie x

  • This little forum has helped loads. I have been in two minds whether to formula feed or breast - I'm leaning towards breast purely because of the cost. 

    Is using a manual pump hard work? I could imagine my arm becoming numb? I dunno whether an electric one would be any better? 

    I'm only 11 weeks but I am hoping to get things sorted over the next few months so it's not all one hit xx

  • Tbh I don't use it long enough to get numb arm. 5 mins per breast is about all I can do and that's anywhere from 1-3oz per breast but I don't express often. 

    I formula fed my first and breast this time and the bond breast feeding is completely different. I love it and my baby is much more content but every baby is different so that could just be coincidence. As a mum who has done both I can honestly say fed it best though. Happy mum is happy baby! 

  • I have started using an electric pump and I'm getting around 5oz per breast in about 10 min every time I pump. I've tried the first night time bottle tonight and my son was out cold after it so we shall see how long he sleeps as I'm usually up every 2/3 hours through the night for a feed Which makes me think he wasn't taking enough on the last feed at night as he would be awake but not wanting to feed for at least an hour.  

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