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Too young for cows milk?

I have a daughter who is nearly 10 and a half month and she used to drink a bottle of 7 ounces on a morning and 7 ounces on a night, now she refuses to drink any on the night and I'm lucky if she drinks 2/3 on a morning. She's gone from having 14 ounces to 2 or 3 within the past few weeks and I'm just wondering if I could take her off the milk, I know your meant to wait until they are 1 but she isn't interested in it at all. What should I do?? 


  • According to the rule book it's technically too early. Have you tried her with cheese or yoghurt to make sure she's good with dairy? 

    Another option is the follow on to Formula milk? 

    I've been getting dairy in my 11 month old in cereal yoghurt and cheese as she won't take cows milk.. I don't follow the rules as you'll know what's best for your baby xx

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