How to cool down formula milk for newborn

So i need some help during the night feeds its quite stressful to wait for bottle to cool down to room temp so im wondering if its okay to give a shot of boiling water then add the formula and then top the rest with filtered tap water.. my baby is 6 weeks old. 


  • Can you get ready made bottles of formula just for the night time and give your LO those? And if they're really fussy and need it warm, just get a bottle warmer? Alternatively, boil the kettle just before going to bed, the water is good for 24 hours then, but also, it might just be cool enough for when your LO is ready to feed. From what I know, filtered water isn't enough because you need to have the water heated to help kill the bacteria in the formula. My life saver was the ready made bottles, to be honest :')

  • This has been the bane of my life! My son is 3 and a bit months. I had a tommee tippee perfect prep machine that gave him horrendous wind due to the air bubbles it created in the milk. You name the method it I have tried it!!!

    The machine instructions were to put an empty mixing bottle under and it puts a bit of boiling in then you add formula, shake, back under and it adds cooler water for the rest of it. So I decided to copy it to a point and have one flask of boiling water and one of cooled boiled water and follow the same steps as the machine. Half of each flask usually works and can cool down under cold tap if needs be.

    I also add a bit of gripe water in some of the feeds as he still has the odd bit of wind/colic but not nearly as bad as from the machine.

    There is no right answer as the nhs/government will not properly support formula feeding parents and cause very unnecessary anxiety/guilt in the process. 

  • Hi ladies

    weve always done our little boys milk as follows:

    boil kettle and part fill bottles (eg if he has 6oz fill to 4oz) and put them in the fridge. 

    Then when he wants a bottle we boil kettle again and fill the bottle to where it needs to be and add the formula. 

    if You work out the right volumes you’ll get perfect temp every time. 

    We only do a couple of bottles at a time so that the water is only ever a few hours old. 

    You can pre make formula and keep it made up in the fridge but I prefer to just keep the water in the fridge and add the powder later 


  • I make the bottle straight from the boiled kettle, put it into a plastic jug of cold water, leave for few mone, shake and then put into fresh cold water. By time i have changed her nappy the milk is drinking temp. She takes 7oz and from turning the kettle on to her drinking it it only takes around 7/8 mins. I find if I make it part hot part cooled boiled she gets bad wind.

  • Me and my friend who is a health visitor we’re discussing this yesterday. She said although it’s preferred to make a bottle each time the Nhs guidelines state bottles that are made can be kept for 24 hours of stores correctly (for example cooled down naturally then put in fridge).

  • I have a tomme tippee perfect prep machine and it has been a life saver. As a mummy of twins it was really hard trying to get two bottles done at the same time so I purchased the prep machine and my problems were solved.

    I have never had a problem with the wind and bubbles in the bottles and I didn't follow the instruction.

    I just added all the water the the milk shake and done.

    I've had 5 children and always made my bottles like this but first there I did it the same way MillP dies it now.

    Siobhan31 if you make the bottle and put it in a cup under running cold water it should cool down very quickly.

  • I just made 2 bottles before bed put them in the fridge and warmed them up.. I know it says not too but my mum did it for me for a YEAR I am perfectly fine and even my doctor and HV said this is fine, and if your only doing it at night, theres not much trouble anyway, or get 7 bottles of ready made if you are scared of bacteria build up and warm up at night.

    Or if you have 6oz put 4oz of boiled water in bottle and the in the fridge and add the remaining 2 oz of boiling water add the formula and shake! Like the prep machine but NOT the prep machine.

    Hope this helps.

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