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Does my baby eat enough?

Hi to everyone,

My baby is 4n and a half months old, and I formula feed her. She is 6.200 kg, and 64 cm longimage. She is happy and always smiling baby, but I am concern if she eats enough.The guidelines for 4 mnth old baby are 7 oz 5 times in 24 hr. I feed her on demand, and she would eat 2-3 oz every hour, or 2 hrs, depends, only when she miss one feed at night ( she sleeps 6 hrs ) she would eat 6 oz. I started to feed her on demand, because she never finished her bottle at once, and I had to bin the rest...But, 7 oz looks a lot to eat at once?? Please, maybe someone can tell me their experience?

Thank you, I would really appreciate any advice


  • Are they really suppose to eat that much!?

    my little one is 14 weeks and only occasionally finishes a 5oz bottle! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Oh and she’s on the 75th centile so doesn’t appear to be doing her any harm.....!!

  • Thank you Allybob88,and congrats on your baby 🐰 . My public health nurse always bothers me with that,so when I told her the truth,she was saying I have to feed her every 4 hours,and she has to eat as much,so last time I told her what she wants to hear,because she is insisting. She would eat after 6 hour sleep about 6 oz... But for your baby that's really good 🚼 Thank you,I feel better now! Is this your first baby? Boy or a girl?

  • First baby, little girl. If she was hungry she would let me know!

    She eats 5oz every 3.5 hours and sleeps all night 12 hours. Somedays she only takes about 21oz. 

    I Work on the principle that if I was breastfeeding I wouldn’t know what she was getting and I would just feed her how much she wanted when she is hungry and I’m doing the exact same now 🙂

  • Allybob88, oh my God, she is sleeping 12 hrs at night?!?! You are soooooo blessed,I wish mine was like that ! Congratulations on a little girl💖 they are amazing,aren't they? Thanks for the post,I don't worry anymore. I started with solid foods few daysago,I was a bit nervous,but she likes it,not every day,but some days.Well,thank you,and enjoy motherhood🎈 All the best to you and your little precious !!!

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