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My baby is now 4 months old and when he was born he had SMA formula, however he had trouble getting his wind up and was sick. I had changed him to cow&gate he was still sick but hungrier! I then changed him to cow&gate hungrier baby. He is still sick now and I have been to see a doctor and they gave me gaviscon but it made him constipated. He is sick when I burp him and after feeds up to 2 hours after. Is this reflux?


  • My baby has reflix, she has had it since 2 months. She is on cow and gate.

    The doctor firstly recommend putting carabel into the milk which thickens the milk. Then prescribed gaviscon. Both do work. The carabel makes it much thicker though. So if he's constipated with Gaviscon i wouldn't recommend him using carabel.

    Gow many Gaviscons do you put in?

    Do you wind him 2 to 3 times during a feed and keep him upright for at least half an hour after.

    Also i have a reflux wedge in my daughter's crib as she laying down flat makes her worse

    Have you read up on baby milk intolerance if he is really bad

  • He has half a dual sachet, I wind him 2 times during a feed and yes he stays upright for at least an hour or longer. When he was born it was projectile however its just little amounts but can be hours after feeding. 

  • Aww i don't understand why just that amount would constipate him. I got the Gaviscon when my daughter had just turned 4 months and the dr told me to put both sachets in. Sometimes i do or sometimes she's ok with just one.

    Doctor told me that the thicker the milk it's harder for it to come back up . I'd take him back to see doctor x

  • Thankyou! I was considering changing his milk to cow&gate anti reflux which has a thickening agent. But also contains Carob bean gum and some babies can be allergic to it x

  • I was considering changing to that at one stage but i was reading that it wasn't suiting a lot of their babies so I've just kept her on normal cow and gate. 

    It's just a trial and error with reflux unfortunately x

  • The reflux milks are really good although you may find you need a faster flow As they do thinken ... it really is worth sticking with:.. team it up with dentinox too as that helps it go though the body faster .. avoiding constipation. If all else fails then keep visiting the doctors but really do try everything they say 

    my little boy still have reflux at 19months and we have tried everything and are under a consultant ... sometimes things just don’t work until they become bigger but persisting with treatment minimises reflux and helps them put on weight 

  • Thankyou! Would I need to consult my doctor first before I change his milk? 

  • No they sell it on shelves in Asda and boots its worth trying as it’s not to much more Than normal milk and does make a differences 

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