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New here but I need help! Baby refusing some feeds and i'm at a loss

edited Aug 29, 2019 9:27AM in Breast & bottle feeding
I'm at a loss, and I mean I'm loosing my hair and my mind. My son is now 16 weeks, he was fine when he was born at drinking. We used formula because I couldn't produce milk.

He took of great on Cow and Gate. Then he started throwing up a lot so on to anti reflux. Then gp gave him medicine for reflux. We are now on a new milk for acid and lactose free but he just completely refuses food at some feeds. It's crazy. One minute he takes 180 mls then next 60 ml byt we are talking 4/5 hours later. It's giving me a headache. He gained 40grams in two weeks, that's no where near enough. He's in the 9th percent and I'm starting to get seriously worried.

Help me. Anyone else like this/gibe through this that are doing any different? I seriously feel so low 


  • Have you just started the new formula? It might take a while for him to get used to it. 
    Have you also spoken to your health visitor when you take him to be weighed as they might have some advice?

    That is a slow weight gain, but has it been normal previously to this? My second baby was really slow at gaining weight, but it did improve once we started weaning, though that was quite late at 8months old. 

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