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Choking on the bottle

So the lactation specialist told me I have a very angry baby, aha. No matter what position I put her to the breast, she thrashes about so much and breaks out in such an intense cry (you can hold her in these positions with no problem generally). She just either won’t latch, won’t suck when latched or will only suck about 2-3 times before unlatching. She sticks her tongue out plenty but we’re due to be evaluated for tongue tie. My nipples are sometimes flat but I manage to shape them well for her or express just before a feed attempt. She knocks nipple shields off as well and I generally need someone to help when I try as she goes for her hand rather than my nipple so someone has to hold her hand out of the way...

So! We have to formula feed mostly. We predominantly use Tommee Tippee anti colic. We have tried Medela calma ones but they’re too slow for her and she just hasn’t taken to them. She also is much windier and unsettled after a feed on them. But every feed there is usually one incidence of choking. We tend to give her a maximum of 10ml at a time if we don’t have to pull the bottle away sooner as her breathing will start to strain. She’s still quite mucusy as well and sometimes can’t breathe through her nose anyways. Midwife coming out today to further advise again on our feeding situation but happy to hear if anyone had similar stories or advice? Other than choking she does really well on the tommee tippee bottles and is very happy once fed. We’ve also been ensuring we wake her every three hours to try breast with formula so that she isn’t super hungry when the feed does come around. 
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