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Baby refusing bottle

Hi has anyone experienced this, my 4 month old has started refusing her bottles after taking just 2-3 ounces, she used to be on 7-8 ounces every 6 hours now she’ll take only 2-3 but still go 6 hours sometimes. If I try to give her milk before she’s ready for it she refuses and if I try to get her to take more than 3 ounces she cries it’s really stressing us both out. It’s been a week now and I’m started to get worried I have tried to get in touch with my health visitor but no luck.


  • Hey did u get an answer? Only just come on forum now. My baby seems to be doing the same but at 8 weeks. Hope little one is fine. Please post an answer if it helped u and baby. Would appreciate it alot. Thank u x @Robyn_x
  • Hi sorry didn’t really get any answers in the end my health visitor said it could be because she was teething she eventually went back to normal but this has happened 2 or 3 times since I’m currently going through it now with her and she’s 8 months now I just let her take what she wants if that’s just a couple ounces then I try again half an hour later and try get another couple ounces down her. She normally goes like this for a couple weeks then goes back to normal. Could it be silent reflux? My little one suffers with this and that’s what I put it down tbh x
  • Aww thanks for response. My little one has had this since 3 weeks tbh but the less feeding is only recently... and she CRIES whilst feeding poor thing and literally has to be burped a million times. Once burped she seems to be settled but I think she associates bottle/milk with pain and refuses it. Not sure. Hope its just a phase and she passes.

    And i hope your little one gets better very soon. Has it not calmed down once she was on solids? X
  • This sounds like what we went through have you seen a gp or anyone? Could be worth mentioning it to the doctor we was given infant gaviscon for reflux which helped us a lot. It is a lot better I literally just think it’s a little phase she goes through every now and then for us now she’s on solids I don’t worry as much either x
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