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Breast feeding and PAIN

I literally had my baby 2 days ago and it's my first ,I have been breastfeeding thinking it was going well but all last night I spent the guts of 3 hrs on both breasts in absolute agony for her to still be starving ,the nurse gave me a bottle which she guzzled ,I felt so sad she had been hungry that whole time and myself in agony for her to not be getting enough ,now I'm so confused do I persevere with the breastfeeding or just go to a bottle,please help a disheartened worried new mama 😔


  • Hi has your baby been checked for tongue tie? That can cause problems with breastfeeding, does it hurt for the whole time baby is feeding or just when she latches on? Also it’s very early days babies often cluster feed to boost supply on day three for me my baby was just snacking all day she would feed for less than 10 mins then back on again this went on for about 6 hrs but it was just getting used to milk rather than colostrum she settled down the next day, maybe ask the midwife for feeding tips or to put you in touch with a breastfeeding group 
  • Dont give up yet if you have your heart set on breastfeeding! Your milk should come in anytime now!! First week was most difficult for me with her always being hungry. the first 4 weeks were painful for me, mostly when she was latching and sometimes the whole time she fed. At 7wks now I'm glad I didn't give up... try pumping or hand expressing in between feedings to help boost supply, make sure you're drinking lots of water, oatmeal has also helped my supply. Their little bellies are still quite small the first week or two so dont lose hope! Even if your milk doesnt come in and you have to formula feed your baby will still love you the same and as long as they are fed you are doing the right thing!! You got this mama!! 
  • Hi @Lisa+lily25/8 try a lactation consultant, they should be able to help especially if baby is not latching correctly etc. and like others have said, nothing wrong if you need to give formula! All good so long as baby is gaining weight and on track 
  • Check out Jack Newman online. He has great videos and lectures all about breastfeeding. I watched a lecture last night and learned so much. Got my baby in a better position. Don’t give up!! Find a lactation consultant 👍
  • Stick at it I had a rough few weeks where baby was constantly feeding cluster feeding is normal to up your supply!! I very nearly gave up I found it so stressful and felt like she was constantly hungry she's two months now and it's only just started going right 
  • Oh the first few days are the worst, your baby is still brand new, but it is normal for baby to be feeding that much. Your milk may not have even come in yet, mine was 3rd day. But get the nurses to check that the latch is deep enough and plenty of nipple cream. Look up local breastfeeding support groups, breastfed babies due cluster feed, and alot of the time are sucking for comfort too as well as for food. You aren't doing anything wrong and likely baby is getting plenty of milk too, not starving. It is so tiring and they only get into a routine about 6 weeks. Even bottle fed babies don't sleep alot and want to be held so changing to bottle isn't always the easy option. You are doing a great job!
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