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Help my baby won’t take a bottle!

So a little back story, my baby boy is now 9 weeks old today he was born prematurely at 35 weeks due to rupture ov waters at 33 weeks.
when he was born he was taken to NICU and a feeding tube was fitted and this is how he was fed for the 1st 3 days (he was fed my milk through the tube)
when the tube was removed he was bottle fed my milk only so they could check the amounts he was having, when we were discharged I continued this bottle feeding breast milk until he reached a weight they were happy with.
he is now and has been solely breast fed for the past 7 and a half weeks, I have tried numerous times to pump and offer him this through a bottle he will not take it I have tried 6 different bottles and teats even the £1 ones that the health visitor advised but nope! 
He still feeds every 2 hours day and night and I’m am becoming exhausted! He is the youngest of 7 my other children are ages 17,14,13,12,7 and 5 and I feel I never get any time to spend with them as all I do is feed! School run is hard work as he’s always due feeding at that time (typical) my husband is military so works long shifts and is not always available to help me
Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.!
i have tried a formula feed instead of my milk just once’s a day but he won’t entertain it what so ever please help! X 


  • I use MAM bottles and little man seems to transition between them ok but apart from that I’m sorry I can’t be much more help. Does he latch on a bottle at all? Could you use nipple shields then transition to a bottle? 
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