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Help anyone. My 16 week old baby has silent reflux. Undiagnosed but everything points to it. Been doctors a million times but they dont say she needs anything as she 'looks' healthy. She has been teething aswell so the symptoms mimic that aswell... now it all makes sense and she has had it for a while. But I dont know what to do... Is it too late to treat her?? I'm so worried and mum guilt is kicking in
She has started refusing bottles and has gone from drinking 6 to 7 oz (4 bottles a day) to 3 to 5 oz (4 bottles a day) and these are forced. As bad as that sounds I have to fight with her to have them. I'm really worried. 
Anyone have any info please help.

Only just changed her milk yesterday to HIPP organic infant 1. She was on cow and gate prior to this.
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