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scared in going back to work

im going back to work in feb but im starting to feel like i dont want to leave my son he'll be 10months then. anyone else felt like this? i wasnt going to go back as i couldve find a nursery etc for my son but know theres a childminder who can have him. i have so much of mixed feelings i want to go back because i dont know what we're entitled to as we have our own home etc so dont know if we could cope without me going back. i feel like i want to go back because i work with people etc and i like working but then i dont because i want to be with my son.


  • IS there any way you can try staying at home for a bit longer? or try your job and see how you get on before leaving?
    If you try the website it will tell you what benefits etc you are entitled to and may help you make a more informed decision. you should get support to stay home with your child - i don't know why there is so much support and so on to go back to work and get other people to look after your children when if you want to stay home and look after your own child you get less support!
    You have worked and paid your taxes and now you need a bit of help you should be entitled to it! sorry but this really irriates me thatpeople who need a bit of help don't get it!
    Anyway do you have any other options? My oh works early shifts so i managed to get hours opposite him and we share the childcare. I also sell Usborne children books which is quite a good little earner and you don't have to arrange childcare cos your child can go with you to toddler groups or libraries or wherever you choose to sell them. If you are interested contact me and i will let you know some more info.
    At the end of the day you got to do whatever is right for you and your lo.
    I use a childminder once a week - I cried the first day i left him- now he cries if he doesn't get to go!! how charming is that!!
  • hi there i have to say i know how u feel , i had to go back to work when my son was 5 months old and he went to nursery 3 days a week ,i regret it now cos i feel i have missed doin mummy things at home however he has got so much out of nursery ,he is a very confident child and deals very well in difficult situations e.g other kids taking toys off him .......

    i think if u feel that anxious now perhaps can u put it off and maybe do something at home like usborne books or avon just a little earner that u can do with ure son ?

    i really really wish the goverment would look at each person individually and if they have worked and paid tax and n.i until they have a child then they should get a decent amount of financial help to support them staying at home until there child is at school ,i dont plan to go back to work after this baby is born until he/she is at full time school however i am going to do an open uni course so that when both my children are in school i am ready to go into work and earn again.

    im sorry im not much help

    lisa (mum to jack 2 and a half and baby 2 due in jan )

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