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Returning to work but part time ...?


I return to work after 6 months off in 2 months time. However, I have been giving it more and more thought recently as I really don't want to miss out on time with my lo as I am enjoying being with him and watching him grow up more than I could have imagined. I discussed it off the record with my boss and she seemed open to the possibility of me returning part time - obviously I would need to put in an official proposal and see if it is accepted.

OK, now the hard part. I need to convince my husband! He earns an OK amount but our standard of living (one he's not prepared to budge on) is quite high. I would obviously cut down the hours that I work (I was thinking of half days) and would get paid half my current salary (presumably, if it was pro rata). I know, therefore, that I would only need the chilminder for half days too.

Are there any other considerations that I need to take and any suggestions on how to convince him ...? We are thinking of trying for another lo in about 18 months if that makes any difference.

Many thanks in advance



  • Hi
    Are you just getting basic SMP at the moment? If so, has your standard of living dropped any? If you can live off less money for 6 mths then going part time will be easy. You haven't taken your full ammount of SMP, 39 weeks. So you could take another 3 mths on SMP & you are accruing holiday on maternity leave so you could take that aswell.

    Your employer can only turn down flexible working request on genuine business grounds. It may also potentially be sex discrimination if it is unjustifiably refused.

    To your husband I would say you don't want a stranger bringing up your baby full time. Ask him if you are having children for other people to look after. That you are parents now, your childs upbringing is more important than your living standard, & you want to be at home as he won't be little for long & in no time he'll be at nursery then school.

    Hope this helps any!! Yvette x
  • Hi Yvette

    Well, my husband was the easy part - he said yes to me gong back part time straght away. Apparently he's been thinking about it too!

    I have only just found out that I haven't taken my full allowance. I kept hearing that I could have 9 months SMP but my work told me 6 months or 12 months (with no guaranee what job I would get!) I am due back in 7 weeks - with 3 weeks hols accrued - am I too late to add on the additional 3 months? I fear that I might be ... (I was really sick the whole time I was pregnant so wasn't very proactive but did ask my HR what I was entitled to!)

    Thanksn for your reply!
  • Hi Kat
    If you want to change your date of return you have to give your employer 8 wks notice. But did you formally tell your employer your return date or did they tell you? You can have 52 wks off for maternity leave & they shouldn't expect you back for that year unless you give them a date. SMP is paid for 39 weeks, so your work has got it wrong.

    When you return to work after ordinary maternity leave, 26 wks, you have a right to the same job and the same terms and conditions as if you hadn't been absent.
    This also applies when you come back after additional maternity leave, unless your employer shows that it's not reasonably practicable for them to take you back in your original job (for example, because the job no longer exists). In that case, you must be offered alternative work with terms and conditions as if you hadn't been absent.
    Look on the government website, thats where I get all my info. My work didn't have a clue about maternity leave. It's
    Hope this helps some more
    Yvette x
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