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anyone work for the nhs?

hi there,

trying to to some homework really,

For those who work for the nhs, how did you find out about there maternity work info/policies?
ie - when you have to tell them, how long you have to have been working for them and is it just sat mat pay or any extra



  • Hi im employed by them but on secondment for my nurse training at local uni at mo but I am pregnant, this link will help you if you read down. how long have you worked for them? x
  • Hi, where I work the HR dept were really helpful. If you look on the Intranet (I assume you have access) under HR the policies are there for anyone to see.

    I have just gone back to work after 7 months off with my little man.

    They also do this thing called 'keep in touch' days where you can go into work whilst on maternity leave for up to 2 weeks and get paid for them without it affecting your meternity pay. I did them but actually accrued it as time owing and took it all at the end of my maternity leave.

    Hope that's been helpful.

    Sam image
  • Hi I work in Medical Records. My boss was a nightmare giving me time off for antenatal appointments and i had to contact solicitors in the end! Fortunately they soon agreed to let me have the time off paid, which of course was good, but even better as i was a high risk pregnancy! I have just gone back after 9 months maternity leave part time, i was full time before. HR dept were excellent at answering all my problems get in tough with them, or the intranet had loads of info but it was all jargon, not much explination. hope it helps
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