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New Job and already Preggers - Help!

Good afternoon ladies,

I'm usually over on the due in May forum, but I have a question that I think some of you may be able to answer.

I'm 8 weeks pregnant and due to start a new job on Monday. I went to the interview and signed the contract all before I found out I was pregnant - all above board. I just wondered if anybody knows quite how this will affect my maternity leave rights, and also when will be the best time to tell them? I want to make a good impression to my new employers, but neither do I want to keep them in the dark too long, I don't feel that would be fair.

What were you're experiences?

Any advice would be gratefully recieved!

Thanks ,

Maymum, x


  • Not sure but I think you may just be entitled to SMP ??108 per week. Employmet laws are complicated ... You have to have been working there for so many months by the time you are so many weeks pregnant. I wouldnt tell them until you get your Mat B1 form.
    Am sure someone with more clue than me will be along soon.
  • I think you have to be working there when pregnant to get maternity pay from them but if you have been in previous/continous empolyment then you are entitled to maternity allowance.
    You will probably be showing before you are obliged to tell them! however don't leave it too long - Wait til around the 3 month mark and then tell them you didn't plan the timing.
  • I am in the same boat I started work on Monday and found out a couple of days before that I was pregnant. I was in a meeting with the big boss and he was great saying about us being a team and tha all he wants is for his team to work together etc
    Well i decided to tell my line manager that i had been trying for 2 1/2 years and that it had happened and if he could stop the training if it would be a problem.....I would rather know than have the worry later on. Well he was great and it caused no problems at all!
    I know the downside is that I will only get the basic mat pay now not the higher but it dosent matter really, I'll be able to take my mat leave no probs!

    I guess it was a risk but it paid off and now I can relax if i'm sick at work anf things!!!
  • I've been in my job 3 weeks and i'm 11 weeks pregnant with twins. No way would I tell them just yet - especially since I knew when I had the interview!! I think they'd be quite annoyed. I'm already starting to show as there are two in there but I'm going to try and keep it another month if I can.... big IF!!!

  • Hello!
    Normally you have to have worked for the employer for 26 weeks at when you are 15 weeks pregnant - why they can't say 11 weeks before conception i'll never know!!! But that's just for company benefits. Every single working woman is entitled to 6 weeks at 90% of pay and then SMP (approx ??117 a week) So you will get something - tell your employer after you are 12 weeks, that way all is safe with you and you have your scan to bat about excitedly!! lol! You are not obliged to tell them before you are ready to unless your job is hazardous to you and your unborn baby. I recommend once you have the 'all clear' at 12 weeks you start buying the essentials in whites, nappies and milk!! Congratulations!
  • Nope - i actually meant 15 weeks before you are due, so you need to be working for them a week before you conceived! So at 25 weeks you need to have worked there 26 weeks. Doh! I've been off work too long!
  • hiya, i was in the same boat last year, my lo was born in july, i wasnt entitled to smp but received maternity allowance as i had been working previous to the new job, only big difference is that you need to claim it via the benefit dept and its not through your work so it involves a lovely long form and sending in pay slips etc, you need to have a form from your work though saying that you are not entitled to smp, you will get this after you are 26 weeks pregnant so you can apply for maternity allowance after that, its also non taxable whereas smp is taxable i believe so it actually works out slightly better off as i get ??117.18 a week. (or 90% if ur earnings are below this level) - its paid for 39 weeks too, check with your employer on company maternity pay, as my employer gave me 6 weeks full pay and that was even though i had less than 26 weeks service , hope this helps, also i told my line manager at 8 weeks as i had a few scares early on and was in training and thought it looked terrible being off!, otherwise i would have left it til the 3 month mark also! good luck with your pregnancy! xx

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