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Flexi working and probationary period

Hi ladies,

I'm new to this forum and wondered if any of you knew what i could do.

Grace is 7 weeks old and i'm not due to return to work until April but i'm a bit worried about the situation i'm in. I started my job in January this year and didn't know i was pregnant when i started. On my first day i started bleeding and work called an ambulance, got taken to hospital and found out i was nearly 8 weeks pregnant. I was signed off work quite alot during the pregnancy as the bleeding was on and off until 20 weeks and then i got severe SPD. Because of all this the company said they will start my probationary period again when i go back to work.

The problem is i don't want to go back full time and will need to put in a request for flexible working. Does anyone know if they can refuse on grounds that i'm not a permanent member of staff yet?

I would be grateful for any advice :\)

Sarah xx


  • i would say the only reason they can refuse is because of its not suitable for business needs, eg your job cant be done part time
  • I know the company I work for have a clause in flexi working requests, you have to been a permanent staff for min 26 weeks to apply
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