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what to look for in a nursery?

im just about to start looking for a nursery for my lo for may next year when he'll be 8 months.

i dont have a clue what i should be looking for when looking around nurserys, or what questions i should be asking...... how do you know when you've found the right place?

im just dreading it.........any advice greatly appreciated as id hate to make the wrong choice!

thanks x


  • I must admit I went about it like a military operation. Firstly I got a list of all the local nurseries from the Yellow Pages. I rang/checked out websites for practical things like opening times (some only do school hours), age they accept los, availability etc. That narrowed it down to 3. I then checked the ofsted web site which eliminated another one. We then then visited the last ones and it all boiled down to gut feeling. We followed that and our lo has been happy at his nursery for a year now. Good luck with it.
  • Speak to your local childrens advisory cerntre (usually based out of local library) & they can provide you with a list of local nurseries & childminders plus a helpful sheet on questions to ask & what to look for. Was great when I was looking for my lo as I had not a clue.

    Good luck
  • had a look at the first one today, looked up the inspection report first which was encouraging, but when i got there i hated it.

    know it was only the first place ive seen but worried nowheres gonna be good enough for my little boy!! hopefully gonna look at a couple more at the end of the week.....i need to get a grip! lol.

    thanks for all the advice ladies! x
  • I went purely by gut instinct. Luckily I loved the first one I went to see atfer an initial call that went well (I spoke to several others on the phone & dismissed them after the 1st call) but tbh, if I hadn't felt comfortable with her then I woul dhave kept looking. I do think nurseries take a bit longer though as they are more "business focussed" than a childminder so there are the polotics & economics to look at there too.
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