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holiday pay while on maternity leave?

Does anyone know if I'm entitled to acrue holiday pay while on maternity leave? The company I worked for previously paid me holiday pay acreud whilst on leave and I'm pretty sure they would not have given me anything above and beyond their basic legal obligations. I don't want to ask my current boss about it because he's difficult to talk to and might think I'm trying to take advantage. It's the end of the tax year soon so I don't want to miss out on it if I am emtitled.
Any help appreciated, julesy


  • You are right, holiday pay should be accrued exactly the same during Maternity Leave as if you were actually in working. You make sure you get what you're entitled to!! x
  • Thank you!!!!
  • yes you are entitled...ive just finished my mat leave and i got paid my full 5 weeks hols pay which was a lovely bit of extra cash x
  • hiya, i only got 9 days - 1 day for every month that i was on maternity leave! i had to take them or i would of lost them and not got paid!

    i would find out as everywhere is different! xx
  • I am taking 2 weeks leave from 07/08 period before I return to work a the start of July. I was supposed to take these before I started my Maternity Leave but my daughter decided to arrive 5 1/2 weeks early so my Maternity Leave started the day she was born. As a result of this my holidays were cancelled and I have not agreed with my boss that I can take them at the end of my maternity which is good. You are still entitled to your holidays if you are on Maternity. When I return then in July I will still have all my holidays for 08/09 period which starts in April so its great.
  • How is holiday pay work out while your on maternity is it on your wages or the maternity pay you are recieving?
  • Hi, i was on maternity leave last year n returned back to work on the 11th March 2013. I have revently been in touch with my employer's and asked them about my holiday from last year and the answer which i got back from them was… i am not entitled to anything as i should of used all my holiday's last year before going on maternity but, how can you actually use holiday's that you have not accrued? i have been told by people that i am entitled to my holiday pay. Can you please help me and lead me in the right direction? 

  • Recey : I'm just resesearching this topic as I haven't had an employee on Maternity Leave for a few years ... .according to ACAS 

    While on maternity leave, employees continue to build up their holiday entitlements just as they would if they were absent due to illness. If they can't take all the leave they're entitled to during a particular year, they can carry it over to the following year. Many employers allow employees to add all of their annual leave on to the beginning or end of the maternity period.

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