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Hi just wondering if any1 can tell me how long u have to be working for your employer b4 you are entitled???? I've read it somewhere but can't get my hands on it.. It's not 4 me but a girl who thinks she has to have been in the same employment for at least a year & is working very close to her due date thinking she has to..
I thought it was 2/3 months b4 conception, but like i say I can't get my hands on the info. Will try google tho to see if i can find out 2

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  • I think it is like this you have to have been working for the same employer continuosly for 26 weeks 15 weeks before the baby is due so the easiest way to work it out is that you must have worked 41 weeks before it's due but I would say if it's that close go for like 43 to be safe. I started a new job when I was 4+3 but woudn't have rec it but sadly i mc'd so now if i got pg again I would get it!

    Hope this helps, all the info should be be in the emplyoers handbook xxxx
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