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switching NHS jobs whilst on maternity?

i am currently on maternity leave and although i want to work part time after bubs is born i dont want to go back to where i was, if i remain in the NHS i dont have to pay back my leave, so i want to move hospitals

has anyone any experience of this and when do i need to start applying and do i need to start my new job on the day after my maternity leave ends?



  • I work for the NHS & have a copy of our Trust Maternity Policy, which states that you must return to "work with the same or another NHS employer for a period of 3 months after maternity leave".
    I am therefore *assuming* that you can start looking for a new job at another hospital whenever you like! I imagine a Trust could offer you a job, whilst you're still off on mat leave but wouldn't imagine they would commence your "employment" whilst you are still off on mat leave. BUT they may be happy to offer you a later start date, taking your mat leave into account?
    I would probably say starting looking & applying for jobs maybe about 3 months before you're mat leave ends? Then you may be lucky enough to get a new job & arrange your start date immediately as your mat leave ends! Likewise, you could probably go back to your old job when mat leave ends, give them your written notice whenever needed as per Trust policy & then leave to start your new job on our agreed start date.
    It is a bit of a tricky one isn't it?!
    Anna x

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  • thankyou,
    it is, i am really after a part time position and not sure how desirable a mum on leave would be, hey ho we shall see x
  • hiya
    my hubs works in nhs finance. I am not certain of this so please check it don't take my word for it. But my understanding is you can apply whenever you like and you don't have to tell the people when you apply you're on mat leave. This happened in a situation my hubs heard about recently. the lady was offered the job, then said she was on mat leave and wouldn't be starting til so and so date. She then officially had the job and her mat leave transferred to the new position as they had to find someone else to cover in between. Tho this is perfectly allowable due to the nhs's generous maternity policy a lot of peopel frowned upon in and thought she'd been unfair to the new dept, tho they can't discriminate against you officially it might make you unpopular.

    But do check my facts!!!!!

  • our giving notice period has changed too- from 4 weeks to 3 months!! So just check that out as well
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