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starting nursery at 22 months

i have been back in work since november 2009. i am a teacher and been working 3 days perweek, mon,tues and weds. at the end of term last week i was given my new timetable for sept to find that they had changed my days to mon,tues and thurs without even consulting me. after discussion this with my head and explaining that i was struggling to find childcare for my dd as she is currently looked after by family, i was told that either i do these new days or i resign, i am busy spending my summer holidays looking and struggling for a place at nursey for my dd.

she will be 22 months when i go back in september so is quite old to start in nursery. she has been looked after by family until now with her twin cousins. when i drop her off on a monday an dwednesday she still normally has a little cry nad she has been going there since she was 12 months.

i am dreading having to put her into nursery, if i can find a place. any tips on helping her to settle? will it have more of an affect on her being left in nursery so much older than other los? it will only be one day per week but i am panicing already

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