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childminders child has chicken pox...

does anyone know if the childminder is allowed to open and offer service if their own child has chicken pox?
because i know if was other was round and my son had them he would have to be kept away...



  • I don't know if there's actually a written rule, but when my lo used to go to a childminder if either my lo or her kids had anything contageous, stomach or vomiting bug or anythin that required antibiotics they had to stay/be kept away for 48hrs, prob longer if something like chicken pox. I personally would hope that a childminder would not open and also hopefully not charge as its not your fault. As you say if it was the other way round you'd have to keep ur lo away.
  • no your childminder is not allowed to care for other children whilst her own children are ill in any shape or form, same as if shes not allowed to care for your child if he/she was sick. Im currently training to be a childminder. it should be in your contract about what happens in the evnt of a child being sick x
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