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35 hours a week & a 7 month old baby

Hi All

Some advice needed- I am thinking of returning to work a month or so early & wondered if anyone is managing doing 35 hours a week monday-sunday- shifts- is it too much? Or manageable?

Any advice appreciated.

Sarah xx


  • hi i have 2 children (1 almost 6 and Lizzie who is now 16 months) I went back to work after both maternity leave spells when they had just turned 8 months and i have alwasy worked full time (37.5 hours a week, 5 days a week over 7 days with 2 days off,these 2 days vary week to week)

    i find it managable and it really helps having my wages coming in as it means on my days off we can all do so much more.

    i am very lucky as i dont pay for child care for lizzie and dd1 is at school now so me and hubby juggle it between us taking her and picking her up. sometimes she does an extra hour in afterschool club but she loves it as she gets to play and have a snack!

    i will be honest that bioth times when i returned i was very tearful to begin with but now i just get on with it! i ring my mum or MIL (whoever has lizzie that day) and check on how she is and i also speak to my hubby every lunchtime on the phone,then it breaks the day up for me a bit. i have 100% faith in my mum and mil looking after lizzie and i know the school would ring me or hubby if dd1 was poorly or anything so knowing my girls are ok allows me to be ok at work,plus i love knowing i am setting a good example for them, i like having my own money and not relying on my hubby and i want to bring my girls up to be able to be independant too

  • I do 33.5 hours a week and it is managable. Probably could do another 90mins but I found this works for me. It really does sound worse than it is - once you're back - it'll be okay.
  • i am planning on going back to work when jack is 8 months to a 34 hour week job spread over 5 days.

    i have no choice as im a partner in the business.

    im actually looking forward to it as love my job!

    excellent pay and most days i finish at 3.30 and one day 11am so have long spells with him.

    it means that at weekends we can really spoil him and go on lovely trips and holidays.

    for number 2 i will only be allowed twenty weeks maternity leave which worries me though! xx
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