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When do I tell them? (Heavy lifting involved)

Hi. I'm not pg yet - been ttc for 6 months now but my line manager is a friend - she is aware that we are ttc and told her assistant... she also told her assistant that she doesn't want me doing any heavy lifting because I could get pg at any point -- the assistants response was "well, if it's going to stay in there, it will stay - it wont kill her to do some lifting"!! - lovely woman isn't she?! What I'm obv concerned about is --- I don't want everyone knowing as soon as I am pg but I don't want to be lifting -- my mum and grandma had a lot of mc's so obv I will be as careful as I can.......... Any advice?


  • It is up to you when you tell your employer (until you get to the point where you have to give notice of your intention to take maternity leave, about 3 months before you r due date) but if your job does involve heavy lifting I would advise you tell at least your line manager as soon as you can. You are entitled to a risk assessment and to be removed from any duties which could cause harm to your pregnancy.

    Your line manager should also keep the news from others if you ask her to, perhaps you could say you are being taken off heavy lifting for health reasons that you would rather not go into!

    If the assistant is being awkward about it you have the right to complain about this.
  • What a horrible woman... you could always say you've done your back in... and a doctor would even lie on a medical note for you if that was needed... I needed some time off as I was having some bleeding in pregnancy and the doctor signed me off for something nonrelated, so they wouldn't know too early xxxx
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