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Advice wanted !!

I have a meeting about a job tomorrow .I am currently a supply teacher so sometimes struggle a lot to get enough money.the job is a casual one to one for special needs in local school .think if all goes well I will be able to accept job in meeting . But I am 5 weeks pregnant . I so want to work and earn money , always feel guilty when I am at home and hubby out working .be different if had baby to look after .but right now there is nothing stopping me from working . I am torn though do I deceive employer and say what she wants to here keeping quiet about pregnancy or do I tell her ? But if I miscarry again I ll have no baby, no job and no money .though I really hope and pray I keep this baby . Can't talk to friends , it's been on my mind all day .could really use some advice. Thank you


  • i was in the same boat with my last pregnancy before i miscarried. id just been made redundant when i fell pregnant. i don't think its selfish to put yourself first and you must not feel guilty for being pregnant. it might be a but awkward when your employer first finds out but people come and go for lots of reasons. besides you won't get smp or ma if you're not working x
  • ps its so early at the mo for all they know you might not have known you were pregnant when you accepted the job!
  • Thank you Devon mummy that is what I keep telling myself.I know when I start in September I will be 12 weeks but I may just face music then. I just want to have some money to save for next year. So scary been this early in pregnancy , I just have to live in moment . Thanks so much .hope you're well .

    And god now I have confessed I am a teacher, I must make more effort with my spelling .here - hear lol and the grammar !! So bad !! He he I blame the tiny keys on my iPod : )
  • I wouldn't tell them this early I don't think. And Devon mummy is right 'normal' people don't test as early as usimage It's perfectly possible someone wouldn't know they were 5 weeks preg.
  • haha normal people. love that image Thank you 

  • imagejust got offered job accepted but have two options now . And do have to consider what would happen if all goes well in pregnancy.

    option 1 : 3 days week . one to one with girl in wheel chair . I know through friend this girl is around size 20 as I told her I do have weak back ( which is partly true ) and wasn't sure about personal care and lifting. But it would mean when I tell employer i am pregnant less distruption when  going for hosp apts scan etc as can book it on days off. woried about lifting when pregnant though ??? have to research it now


    option 2: 4 days week ( possible 5 ) if pupils stays on to do duke of edinborough . Which would mean hike out in countryside. But I surely could do that well least up until nearly due ?? No lifting but no free days for scan . Employer may be annoyed if I take time off when I am one to one. But more money to save too

    This work is for a year but have feeling when I tell her she may bump me off at xmas so I may only end up working with them for one term and would not be that pregnant . then again if I work hard and show I am good worker and this was just bad timing she may invite me bac for year after . who knows ??


    This all depends on my pregnancy being successful which I hope it is. May tell her mid sept say I am 10 weeks ( white lie ) and that I didn't say earlier as i lost baby last year so i may not fo needed to tell her . Any advice on which job best to take in my cirumstances .

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