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Upset leaving baby still...

Hi I've returned to work since January, my daughter is nearly one.. I work 4 days a week and my sister has her either at my house or hers. I am very lucky as job is slightly flexible and having family care for baby is best option BUT still find leaving her so very upsetting. My daughter seems fine, waves me off, no tears and loves her auntie but its just me who can't cope! Any words of wisdom??


  • Hi,


    Its still early days for you.  Its a big adjustment too.

    Is there anything in particular you think or feel which might help you focus on how to feel better?

    Initially for me it was missing my son and actually jealousy that the nursery staff got to play with him.  (My days at home I don't have the luxury of being able to play full time since there are meals, washing, chores and errands to contend with unlike nursery staff!)image

    But I soon saw that my Son still loved me the most and actually a lot of the bonding time was that time changing, bathing and feeding him.  I also feel we have a lot more quality play together when we do and I make sure he gets at least an hour of undivided attention even on busy days.  Often it is more.


    Hope you feel better soon

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