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Telling work

Hello, new to this site just need some advice. I have just found out I am 5 weeks pregnant me and my partner are overjoyed because this wasn't an option a year ago when I fell very ill. I am dreading telling work because for the last 12 months I haven't really been doing my job due to my sickness. They finally believe I am 100% back and ready to get on with job. I have to tell but how? What do you say? They supported me through my sickness and now I will land them with this. Look forward to reading your thoughts


  • Dont worry you don't even have to tell them yet as long as you tell them by week 25. There's nothing they can do even if they aren't happy about it but I'm sure they'll be very supportive. Congrats on the bfp x

  • Thanks need to man up really baby is coming and that's all I need to worry about x
  • Hi hun,

    Agree with LH. Also, it is not your fault that you were seriusly ill in the past. It is not your fault that you are pregnant - well it is imageimage but you have every right to be pregnant and have a family! They will have to look after you and support you during pregnancy and are not allowed to discriminate against you. 

    Good Luck xx

  • Thanks Judy, everyone is saying the same thing. I will just say what I have to when I feel the time is right. Feel a lot better now x
  • Very good! Enjoy every minute of it hun!!! xxx

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