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To work or not to work

Hi currently I work full time Monday to Friday 9-6 I get paid 17,500 per year but after tax only works out to be 1200 or so. I've worked since I was 14 (I always had little jobs when in school etc) and I'm now 26, so the prospect of not being able to work is quite daunting. My office job is 'ok' but for talking to the other girls at work who have children they are paying approximately £480 a month In childCare! How awful, where is that actual incentive for mothers to return to work if child are costs so much! My baby is due on the 17th of may, and I will be taking full maternity (last 3 months unpaid of course) but what to after that, I dont know, I'm quite against taking a small baby to nursery, and I would like to be a full time mum until my child is at pre school, but we just seem to be up against it us women. If we work full time, we loose precious time with our baby, and have to pay an arm and a leg for the privellage, if we leave work and you have a partner who earns a decent wage (you get next to no support) and will then struggle to find a job Later on.  . . . . . For me to return to work I would have to put my baby into child care, as my partner works shifts, and both our parents work full time, oh what to do. Anyone else to there who's in the same position? Or have any advice? xoxox


  • Hi,


    I have two children and after my first son had to go back to work part time...I took a huge pay cut and a demotion down 3 levels!! I hated it. It took me two years to build my career back up. Then I fell pregnant again with my second child! My husband and I are now thinking of another, but I know I don't want to go through the emotional upheaval of discussions with employers and negotiating hours for return to work. So I have decide to start working for my self and is far is going well. I have joined as a member of a large global company and build my section of the business through referral marketing. It is really quite easy to do with some time and effort (I have found) and hopefully within 6 months will be leaving my day job.

    This is possibly something you could look into. It would give you flexibility as well as the means to earn a good income. Without compromising your family life.

    Let me know if you'd like to find out more.


    God luck

  • I had to go back to work part time after my 1st but I actually enjoyed it and my dd benefited from the few hours away from me each week as she got to mix with other babies. This time I'm out of work anyway so ill b back on the dole in August x

  • Increasingly now, many mums and dads are looking to work from home so they can enjoy all the benefits it brings - spending more quality time with their children; no more child-minding fees; no more asking for time off during school holidays; flexible hours; full-time income.  Working alongside us with our award winning training and support, many mums/dads have now become MUMPRENUERS/DADPRENUERS. 

    If you are a warm, friendly person who is willing to work hard, has a great CAN DO attitude plus a deep down desire to be the best you can be, then our company are looking for you and you might just be looking for us.  Contact me for more information.

  • It's absolutely disgusting that our goverment give free hours to women who aren't working yet want mothers who actually do work to get it from their own backs!!!!!

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