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Maternity risk assessment

I'm nearly 26 weeks pregnant and work full time 12 hr shifts. My role is stressful in its self and involves sitting down at a computer for the full 12 hrs. I did have a mixture of night shifts but due to early sickness my doctor provided a letter to advise these be changed to days. Works response was to stick me working 2-2am shifts, these I couldn't handle and went off sick so requested again be changed to days, this was again not done and stuck on 12-midnight shifts because of staffing issues so went sick again!! I've used all my contractua sick pay now and just getting ssp if off work with no pay! I feel I'm being penalised. I've had no risk assessment to go through any issues at all merely been told if I wanted to reduce my 12 hrs to 8 I would have to come into work more which would cost me X amount more in travelling ( live 40 mins away) and have less days off to rest. I've not gone into work this weekend as exhausted and I'm getting myself upset and worked up which isn't going to be healthy for baby. Not sure what I can do with now not being paid but the reasons why im off is partly for work issues and having no assessments done to help me. Any assistance would be great


  • do u have a hr department? This is all wrong they have to do a risk assessment each trimester by law. I'd put in a grievance with hr hun put it in writing and keep a copy x

  • Thanks for the reply. Yes I'm going to ring HR on Monday and advise them the reasons why I'm off now and it's not just simply pregnancy related illness.

    I just don't feel that I should be getting my wages defected now because off when half the reasons are because I'm not happy about the situation at work. It's just impossible to sit there now for 12 hrs, it get the 10 hr mark and I feel sick, get stomach pains and back ache and then go home feeling poorly.

    I don't get home until 8pm at night where I've not eaten any tea so I'm eating late causing indigestion which then keeps me awake all night...

    I've not had the risk assessment to notify them I need an extra break around tea time to have some food which I'm told I'm entitled to as well.

    I go off in I 8 weeks annual leave before maternity so do feel this should have been done. Not to mention the 2 occasions I've ended up in hospital from work, one time I was taken there straight from the office 10 weeks ago but nothing was then done there.
  • defo put in a formal complaint it's discrimination and could be seen as they are trying to force u to quit. They're breaking the law n u could take them to a tribunal, I did with my employer n won compo x

  • I've contacted my union rep as well for them to get involved now due to mainly them not paying me sick pay only getting ssp which I can hardly survive on.

    Will see what hr have to say because they won't know the full reasons or what's been going on, my only discussions regarding shifts and hours have come from management who have attempted to stick me on shifts that are suitable for the business also and short staffing. Took me 3 attempts to get night shifts changed after handing in gp letter only for them to still have me working until the early hours of the morning.

    Just had enough of coming home feeling exhausted and bursting into tears now so taken the decision to remain off until this assessment is done
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