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Temporary move to Berlin - help needed please!

Hello all,

Both my partner and I work at the same agency in London - they gave me a job post-maternity leave and it's worked out really well. The agency have a Berlin office and have asked us to move over there temporarily ASAP so my OH can whip it into shape. We have a DS who will be 3 in August, so we've stipulated we want to come back to the UK by June next year to prepare for schools... 

We're currently renting (got caught in the recession when we left uni in 2007). So we don't have too much trouble with leaving the UK - our furniture and treasures will be put into storage. 

SO! We're currently tasked with the job of finding somewhere to live and a nursery for our son. I'll be working 3 days a week and OH full time. 

I have a few questions, if anyone could help it would be amazing - we've never actually even been to Berlin yet but have heard such wonderful things and we're definitely seeing this relocation as a massive adventure for our family! (Now that I've gotten past the initial shock of uprooting for a short time!).

- We're looking at living as close to the offie as possible. Therefore, looking for places to live in the Prenzlauer Berg area. Does anyone know of any reputable agents/websites for searching for furnished rentals for this area please? Any other advice or suggestions on this would be greatly received too. 

- Likewise, can anyone recommend any nurseries/pre-schools in this area? Ideally we'd like our son in an English speaking place, especially considering we'll only be out there for around 10 months. It's the nursery place I'm concerned about most. 

- While I'm on here, can anyone recommend a storage company near Brentwood, Essex? Reliable, secure and relatively inexpensive per month?

Many thanks in advance x


  • Hi Judypink,

    I am sort of in the same situation as you were last summer. I have a 2 year old and am looking for temporary childcare in Prenzlauerberg from Sept- Dec. Did you have any luck in the end?

    Many thanks


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