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Interim care order - can anyone advise?

please help my children where taking last Tuesday as me & my partner/childrendad got arrested last week for the father beinh drunk they  presumed I was drunk I wasn’t I was drained n hungover looking at my children in another room with 17 year old sister in law. N my partner Brother smashed a window n my partner was arrested for that. So we had bail conditions not 2 see the children alone. But now all the charges n bail  conditions have been dropped but the SS took it 2 go we was at court last friday n the judges best  interest was to get them home But at that time we had the bail conditions we are back on the 4th has Anyone ever got the kids home but stayed on a interim care order section 31 imageI love my babies so much would never let harm come 2 them n they are just making me out 2 be such a bad mum when the SS have never seen the bond we have together 


  • Hi Yasmin, sorry to hear you are going through this tough time! I hope I can offer you some reassurance. I myself worked as a childrens social worker in England before I moved overseas 7 years ago & worked with many children in foster care as well as with their birth families. 

    Firstly, i can PROMISE you that a social workers priority is to keep children with their families / return them to their families wherever possible. I myself worked With many families to reunite children and parents and support parents to keep their children at home... even children on full care orders in sone cases... they went home on a full care order and then we worked with parents to ensure things were going well and gave them all the help we could and then worked towards getting the care order removed. It is possible and I promise you that is what all social workers want in an ideal world. The most important thing you can do is co-operate with the social work team. They will want to do some pretty in depth assessments of you, your partner, the children, your home situation etc. they will want to know your strengths, your difficulties, things you need help with. Be as honest as possible with then as then they can provide the best help. Be willing to work on things that they identify as a concern. Show that you can make changes to ensure the children are safe and well cared for. Be prepared that they may come home with conditions like that there is A child protection plan in place or a child in need plan (both of which will mean regular visits from a social worker and regular meetings with social work, school, health workers etc).  

    An interim care order is a temporary measure which means it will be reviewed by the court on a regular basis. The children will also have an independent person called a ‘guardian ad Litem’ assigned to talk to them and get their views and assess their needs independently of the courts and social services. This should give you some reassurance too. 

    Social services Have to act on what they see in the moment and thats why the children were placed temporarily with carers away from home. But they will now retrace back and get a much more thorough assessment of the situation... to include the bond that you talk about. While the children are with foster carers you will have regular contact opportunities. It is important that you attend all of those if possible. It may be that they are supervised but that will also help the social workers to get a better understanding of your relationship with the children so try not to see that as a bad thing. 

    Take a deep breath, I know how terribly hard this must Be for you right now but it is FOR SURE fixable if you put in the hard work and co-operate with the social workers. It might take a little time but you can do it! 

    Good luck hun. 

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