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I can't find a happy work life balance help

Hi I am looking for advice I work in recruitment and recently been working lots of hours like 80 hours a week trying to look after my 2 year old and clean a house walk a dog and have time for me this is impossible. I can't cope with this so left my job i am starting a new job but recruitment may not be the right career. I don't know what to do thinking of ideas of how to balance everything help ideas please thinking of training to be a teacher Maybe? 


  • Hi, I work as a doctor in intensive care and I feel same as you. I have a 1 year old toddler at home. My standards are very high in terms of my own performance (I feel like a constant failure despite not getting any negative feedback from colleagues) but really I can barely meet them and the expectations of my husband for the household are also unrealistic. I am living in chaoss. I feel exhausted and thought about seeing the GP to ask for some anxiety medication. At work the stress levels are very high and it feels like running all the time. My baby is gorgeous but needs a lot of attention too. We don't have any family around to help and life can get hectic. I want to cope with stress better and function normally as before pregnancy and childbirth when I used to work 100hrs/week as well.Working nights and weekends has always been normal for me, but I feel constantly tired now. I can not cope with the pressure I am creating. My plan is to start doing more sports like running with the pram or simply finding 20 minutes to relax just for myself. I am also studying for an exam in September and time's running up. I know my life is very good in the end with a stable relationship and baby therefore, I logically can not explain why I am feeling down. I thought about changing my career but I really love what I do, it is the long working hours that do not allow me function properly in my private life. Maybe you feel same? and just need a break from the previous job to recover.

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