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Which job should I choose?

But of background...

Have a degree and got a graduate job a few years ago. Left job to have Daughter who has just turned 2. Been a SAHM for 2.5 years and looking to return to work. 

we can manage on OHs wage however we don’t have many luxuries. Also saving for our wedding. So I’m looking for a job. 

I have luckily been offered two very different jobs. 

Job 1 - similar role to what I was doing previously. Opportunity for progression and good money. Challenging and 5 minute commute from my house. 8-5 Monday to Friday. Mum would look after DD2 and school pick up for DD7 3 days, sister 1 day and nursery 1 day. Would hire cleaner. 

Job 2 - receptionist, 1-2 evenings a week and one day at the weekend. No childcare required. Extra money each month but not life changing. No career progression and not challenging.


  • I am sure you have already made a decision. But incase not I guess it depends what matters to you most. If you want the option to progess and you are comfortable with the childcare options go for number one. Plus this leaves weekends free for family time. personally this seems the better option in alot of ways as you would be giving ip evenings and a weekend day for the other job.

    if you would prefer for childcare to be kept to you and your partner and just want some extra money now go for the second

    either way with the qualifications you have if either job turns out not to be right i am sure you would be able to find something else fairly easily 

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