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**advice needed**

hi all
got abit of a dilema....
at the moment i work thursday, friday & couple of saturdays a month. maisy stays with my mum thursdays and goes to private nursery friday ..
the problem i have is that the cost of nursery has gone up to £38 per day(approx £156 per mon) i only earn £401 per month.
i have conflicting advice from my parents (want her to stay at this nursery) and my partner(wants me to change my work day)..
the nursery that she is at at the moment is very good but she is now entitled to the 5 x 2.5hours nursery place but her current school will only work out annual payments (52 weeks) i only want her to do the 38 weeks they wont let me so it will now cost £315 PER MONTH
i could change my friday work day to saturday so i wouldn't have to pay for child care.. but might struggle to get her into main streem nursery now..
what do i do i cant afford the new payments ?
sorry for essay


  • Hi Rachel
    I used to be a nursery nurse and where i worked the parents could use there 5 x 2.5 hours however they liked but only in term time two 2.5 sessions could be used in the same day as long as they were broken up by a full paid hour not including lunch time so if maisy's doing a full day you should be entitled to 5hours off the bill. i'd be inclined to find a nursery (privats and school nurserys accept them) that we accomadate this. Have you considered a childminder (i'm a childminder too) they're generally cheaper and can accept the vouchers if they've done the correct course. I hope this helps x
  • hi boo & tasha
    the nursery accept the vouchers but they wont let me take maisy just in term time, so i have to find money to pay for time out of school term when she wouldn't even be there.

    i do like working but its a case of needing too rather than wanting too in an idea world i would be at home with maisy...
  • Hi Rachel, hows the dilemma of nursery going? I know how you feel, I went into the nursery I work at to talk about going back to do relief work. the manager suggested that i bring both girls in with me and I'd get a nice discount because I work there. Together, we sat down and worked out how much I had to pay in nursery fees compared to how much I'd earn. It turns out that Id be owing the nursery money on a monthly basis!! How stupid is that. Niamhs started playschool 2 mornings a week and thankfully my hubby works weird hours as does mum in law so Tara will stay with them.
    Although in January Im launching a business with a friend but I'll only be working 2 morns a week and if absolutely necessary the girls can come with me, although Im trying to work it round when Nimahs in playschool and partner has days off.
    Sorry for the essay.
    Have you thought about playschool instead of private nursery? I think the nursery should be a little more flexible.
    I know its not much help, but I sympathise. Its not easy is it?
    Take care and keep in touch.
    Kas xx
  • hi kas
    not been online for while...
    i have had to change my work days so that i dont have to pay anything. my mum has maisy on thursday and saturday my dad will have her in the morning and my partner in the afternoon..
    in january she will be starting mainstream nursery...
  • Hi Rach,
    sounds like you have it sorted now. You must be relieved.
    Hope alls well with you and Maisy. Is she still as energetic as ever?
    Did you get your prizes for being web user of the month yet?
    Hope you re well.
    Chat soon
    Kas xx
  • hi kas
    got it all sorted even got £200 back because i had over paid..
    maisy is still like a mad child !!
    not recieved stuff yet..
    hope youre well
    luv rachxx
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