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ill daughter

I posted on babyexpert a while back now about my daughter Dani, shes 15 and has a heart condition. Since then she has also been diagnosed with cancer, acute lymphocytic leukemia. Im really desperate for some help. Does anyone know any other forums that may help me with this or is anybody dealing with an ill child themselves.

If anyone can help im really grateful.



  • Dear Cheryl,

    I'm so sorry to hear that; I don't know that I can help but didn't want to read and run, and hope that someone can help you.

    Thinking of you all and hope that it helps to know that I care.
  • Thanks hun. Means a lot xx
  • oh my gosh im so sorry to hear your daughter is so poorly ..i have no idea of any forums that u can get some support from all i can say is a very close friend of ours got acute lymphoblastic lukemia when she was 4 years old ..she had 2 years of gruelling chemo and was so poorly but now she is a fighting fit 18 year old she had the all clear nearly 10 years ago i really hope your daughter makes a speedy recovery xxxxxx
  • Theres a great website for heart conditions called heartline......

    Enter the forum section and there are lots of lovely helpful ladies in there.

    Hope you can find the support you need x x
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