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Increased Nuchal

Our NT came back at 3.8, weve been given a 1-20 chance of baby having a syndrome or heart defect. Did anyone have similar measurements and what was the outcome? TIA x


  • Hi Hun

    No experience fo this I'm afraid but you prob know of the stresses and strains we went through with Ava so if you ever fancy a natter, just give me a shout - I'm on facebook more often than on here but you should be able to find me somewhere image x x
  • my nuchal has just co9me back at 7mm- so we have a 70-80%chance of smae- devastating. hope your news turns out better xxxx
  • With my son mine was 6mm and he has no genetic problems but he does still have an unexplained intellectual disability, As I have put up in my other post my youngest's was 8mm and her CVS came back negative, she is two now and has to be genetically tested again for Turner Syndrome but if that comes back negative she will have no genetic problems either so believe me 3.8 is NOTHING! Your bubba will probably be fine and if its really stressing you have a CVS or a Amnio then atleast you will know for sure what to expect. Good luck <3

  • Sorry didn't see the date on the post hope all went well <3

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