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First Physio Appointment

Hi All,

I got my little girls first physio appointment through for a week on Tues. Emily is 10 months old & is not bearing any weight on her arms or legs, therfore the dr's thought it best for early intervention.

For all those who have taken their lo's to physio...can you give me an idea of what to expect on our first appointment.

Thanks loads
Lucy x


  • Hiya hope you're first physio appt goes well. My lo was about 13 weeks old when we had our first appt. We had the physio come to the house which is what happens here, she mostly asked questions ad things and then gave the baby an assessment, obviously seeing what problems there may be, our physio also gave some good info about 'real' targets for babies which are surprising, for eg rollig for a baby in the normal range is up to 6 months, and walking is 12-18 months for the normal range, both bits of info i didn't realise until we saw a physio.

    don't be afraid to ask questions and prepare a list if you need to it can help. the physio can also refer you to occupational therapy who can supply spoecialist equipment for your baby, for example, special seating for feeding or bathing if required, Peidro boots for when your baby starts standing etc.

    we were shown some good physio routines to do every day with our baby.

    hope all goes well
  • I agree with Chriss, def make a list of questions, they ask you more questions thn anything else on the first visit and I went out of mine wishing I had written things down to ask her as I came away and had forgotton to ask most of the things I wanted to, mostly the first appointment is alot of questions about the pregnancy, birth what they were like as a younger baby and family history, then an assessment and maybe they will give you some excersices, good luck let us know how it goes xx
  • Hi,

    Great, thanks have given me a few good tips. I'll get writing a few things down before we go...but i'm sure i'll miss something. Hayley, you mentioned the birth there...that is one thing that has always been in my mind! I feel like i was left in 'Active' labour for too long & was pushing for nearly 2 hours before they decided to do something about it! I do hope this has not had anything to do with Emily being the way she is...but it would explain a few things!!
    x x
  • Try not to think about what it might be just yet, I know that sounds really mad as its totally natural to be wondering, but you can worry yourself sick about something and it could have absolutely nothing to do with it. Don't worry about forgetting things either, remember to take the physio's number (although she will probably give you a card anyway) in case you want to ask any more questions before you see her again.

  • Like Chriss says try not to worry too much about what it could be, you can worry yourself sick about it and I have done that on several occasions, if the question of the birth is worrying you then ask the physio about it, she may not be able to answer you but I'm sure if she can't she will put you in touch with someone who can. It is easier said than done not to worry though, I know, Isaac has his appointment with the paed next Tuesday and already it is on my mind all day and waking me up at night.
  • Hi! I know this post is old but my little girl is going for a physio assessment tomorrow as she is 10 months and not bearing weight on her arms or legs (but sits fine). What was the outcome? Was your LO ok? What did they do and how long did it take? Thanks in advance x
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