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FAO glitterstargirl


Just wanted to catch up and see how your little one is doing? Read your post about the reflux and surgery - got any further with that yet? Or any nearer to getting her home?

Sarah x


  • Oh love, that's just crap - she's obviously a fighter though, now she's been at it for 17 weeks! At least you know she's in the best place to get her sorted though - she'll do it!

    We're all OK here - had to take George to the hosp for ANOTHER blood test yesterday - they're still trying to find out what is causing this raised enzyme level in his liver, although now think it could be linked to his hyperthyroidism - he's still not showing any signs of being ill etc, so they're still a bit baffled!! They had to take 10 pots of blood from him, luckily they managed to find a vein that spurted so eventually it only took about 5 minutes - wonder you didn't hear him screaming!! The trouble is, he's now got to the stage where he realises that it actually hurts, and that his medicine doesn't taste very nice, etc - and therefore being a bit of a bugger!!

    Anyway, am thinking of you and hoping that your ickle one gets better soon - keep me posted!

    S x
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