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Anybody pregnant and have a child with special needs?

Hi all just wandered if anyone was pregnant or just had a baby and also has a child with special needs? my 3 year old has hypermobility and is autistic and im 3 months pregnant and really wandering how i will cope as he takes up so much of my time and energy at the moment.
i have got him books etc and explained to him that we are going to have a new baby and surprisingly he understands he has decided that the baby Will have a thomas the tank engine bed to sleep in when born not sure what i am going to do about that as he is adamant baby will not be sleeping in a cot lol also what is so cute is that he has his own baby doll and has started really looking after it albeit being very possesive if anybody touches his baby he attacks them image
he talks to the baby all the time through my belly button he says baby can hear him and tells him he is a genius lol
the latest one is that my son now says he is having a baby he sticks his tummy out and makes his tummy move and that im not sure what im going to do about this any ideas?
things seem a little more tiering at the moent im just worried about when baby arrives where will i find the extra time?
any advice or stories to share???????????????????


  • Hiya congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm not pregnant (yet) but hopefully will be some time this year. My little boy has an as yet undiagnosed genetic muscle condition, possibly Conjenital Myopathy or Myasthenia we are waiting on results. He's nearly 3 and I also have the condition.

    I love the things you say about your son with his baby doll and will be hoping my son does this too. I think its totally natural for him to be pretending to be pregnant too, suppose its like role play I know my niece did this when I was pregnant, and also breast fed her baby too like me haha very funny. We made a baby sling for her too out of a scarf she loved it.

    I think you will find that your baby just fits in, hopefully, I have friends who have had more children after having a child with additional needs who have done fine, and others who have more than one child with additional needs who also cope well.

    I'm sure you will find a great helper in your son and hopefully you will find a good routine for your family.

    wishing you luck
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