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I'm having another baby

image Yes I'm expecting 28th July 2011 so 8 weeks today yay very excited but a little apprehensive, as some of you know there's likely to be 50/50 chance that this baby will have the same problems as me and Paul and they can't rule out a more severe form either but hey, I knew the risks wouldn't stop me from having another and maybe I'm mad but I'd have 10 of Paul so lets just wait and see.

Got my scan date 5th January and I think I'll have more scans due to the risks but I'm hoping things go smoothly

Not quite sure how I'll cope with a newborn and Paul but, but I'm used to millions of appointments so doubling them won't phase me (hahaha I really must be mad)


  • Woooooohoooooooo, congratulations to you, imageimageimage I am sooooo pleased, I know exactly what you mean about having 10 of Paul, If Isaac was our first we would have had more and it wouldnt worry me about having another child with his problems, however as he is our 4th we wont be having any more.
  • Wow wow wow!!

    Congratulations!! What wonderful news!! I know what you both mean, but with Lil being number 3 and the middle one also being diagnosed with long term illness this year I think my baby days are will have to enjoy your online updates image
  • Hi,

    I don't post on this board much, but congratulations on your pregnancy... Hope all is ok, how was your scan?

    Sorry for being intrusive but what does Paul have?

    My eldest has Aspergers and I went on to have 2 more children (twins)... I wouldn't be without Saul, he is amazing, albeit a little strange!!! image

    Sara x
  • double post sorry
  • Thanks for the congrats, the scan was great they put me back a couple of days so now due 31st July. Booked in for a scan at 20 weeks and also 24 weeks for a more detailed one in case they can pick up anything although I doubt they will but who knows.

    Paul's not got a diagnosis yet but it is very likely to be one of the very rare congenital myasthenia syndromes of which there are about 50 gene mutations although we are currently being tested for about 8 as they are so rare, each one is a risk of about one in a million how mad is that. It seems I have had the condition too since i was born but that was 30 odd years ago and mum and dad were never told it could have been a genetic condition so I had no idea i was affected, just thought i was dead lazy :lol:

    anyway our Paul has severe hypotonia, muscle weakness, swallowing probs, some breathing probs etc etc loads loads loads but he is such a lovely little boy and I'd be cool if my next baby was just like him but hey who knows we'll have to wait and see image
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