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anyone heard of torticollis/wryneck?

Not sure where to post this, so posting it on several forums.

My baby henry is 4 weeks old and was back to back inside me during labour, i remember being told his head was also acynclitic (tilted) for much of the labour.

He was born by ventouse and had a normal ventouse mark after delivery.

After he was born he lay on his right side more than his left - but he had the ventouse mark on the left and it is not unusual for babies to pick a side to lie on.

Over the last week or two he has appeared to keep his head on this side when awake and alert more and more. Last week i noticed a lump in his neck on left side. At first i thought this was just his neck bone jutting out, as he was holding his head the other way on.

This weekend the lump is definately growing and it isnt just his neck bone. It is painless, he doesnt mind you touching it. When you move his head to the right he can do it - but doesnt choose to.

Im taking him to the GP on monday but when i looked up his symptoms i found out about torticollis - also called wryneck, where the muscle that attaches his neck to collar bone and breast bone could have been strained by his position inside me or his delivery. This is not obvious at birth but over the first month the baby holds his head to the side more and a lump develops. The lump disappears by 3 months and the danger is that it then goes undiagnosed. If diagnosed early the baby can have physio, if not it can cause damage needing surgery. it affects about 1 in 200 babies so isnt that uncommon. i may be jumping the gun trying to diagnose him myself! but am terrified the gp will be dismissive. has anyone had a baby with this?


  • Hi i am sorry but i havent heard about this and have only just seen your post. how did you get on at doctors??

  • hello! Thank you for asking. Henry has been diagnosed with torticollis, as i suspected, though i had to suggest it to the gp who went on google and had never heard of it! Within 2 days we were having physio and i have to repeat the excercises at home at every nappy change. They are designed to stretch the injured muscle so obviously henry none to impressed, and feel mean doing it, but within a couple of days he already has more movement. His head has already started to flatten where he'd got used to lying so he still won't sleep any other way but looks round more now. In a couple of weeks we go back for follow up physio and a neck ultrasound just to make sure nothing else is going on. Couldnt have asked for a more prompt response really, the NHS has come through for us! They said in bad cases the baby needs surgery at a year old but as henry's has been caught so early this is unlikely x
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