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School not supporting child with disabilities

Hello my name is Halima I have a 13 year old brother who suffers from a genetic condition which has caused him to have physical disabilities e.g leg problems, hand problems, speech difficulties and recently discoloration on his hands. Recently his school subject groups got changed which caused him to be put into a class with students who have in the past  caused him problems due to his disability by making fun of how he looks and talks. He asked his head of year if he can be put back into his old class but she asked he'd give it ago. He gave it go and said it was terrible and came home in tears he said all the students were staring at him and laughing because of the way he looks. I went into the school to ask if he move back to his old class but the head acted as if my brother didn't discuss his problems with her. I then went in with my brother and spoke the headteacher who refused to move his class and said the whole class can't be making fun of you and that he should go back to his class as it's the best class for him to learn. After I left my brother in school he started to cry because he refused to go back into a class where everyone treated him like a circus animal. Causing him to be placed into a room on his own after this another teacher came to him and threatened him saying he had two options one to go back to class or another to find a new school. I'm now asking for help because the school are not allowing me to have a meeting with the principle and not moving my brother. If anyone has any ideas on what else I can do please let me know.


  • If this is a mainstream school then sadly a lot of this is the preparation for GCSE. That said school do need to make 'reasonable adjustments' for him to be able to learn. 

    If you have raised the issue with the head & gotten nowhere then your next step would be the school governors. If they fail to help you then it is the local authorities you would need to approach. 

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