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My son (11) back in nappies

My 11 year old son (Aaron) is having wetting issues. Having autism he’s very self conscious and has recently been wetting the bed at night and sometimes during the day. We went to the doctor and they did tests and could find nothing wrong. I couldn’t keep washing sheets and his clothes so I put him back into nappies at night and during the day as well. At first he hated this but now he is enjoying wearing them. Whenever I put him in them or change his nappies he gets really excited and begins acting like a baby. He is now asking me to treat him like toddler by feeding him, bathing him, carrying him around, putting him in a stroller and high chair - which I don’t mind doing as he’s home schooled and is very small for his age. I’m just concerned about why he’s being like this and what to do next? 



  • have u got any support for u and ur son like a support group or anything i know how hard it is my daughter has it she likes baby stuff she nearlt 13 its just coz there brains are younger then they are i reckon its a phase and he will find something else he like in a min i di think the older they get it is better to deal with its really hard to cope with i think and as they get older they do learn to understand more try a new strategy suggest a diffrent routine ur find diffrent things he likes i know they like the same things but at the moment this is what suits him so try find like a game u can play like role play see if he wants to be like you and copy it is hard hugs hun xx
  • Hi I tried with all that support a while ago and to be honest I gave up. He still wets all the time so I keep him in nappies 24/7 and he enjoys it. He wants to act like a baby so I change his nappies for him and because he’s so small I carry him and he sleeps in a crib eats in a highchair and i even push him around in a pram when we go out and he has his own baby car seat that I have to strap him in. I understand he won’t go school because everyone will bully him. He wets and messes his nappies all the time and I don’t mind him being like a toddler because as long as he’s happy. 
  • i understand hun but please be carefull i had it with my girl and son with it my son poos himself had social services involved coz om cams and they tried blameing me but i live in plymouth its awfull help here my daughter has only got the help in Wolverhampton now but sounds like ur doing excellent job hun and he must be on a diffrent level on the autisim spetrum so its to be expected with ur son hun bless him he does sound cute xx
  • Yep the fact that he’s on the spectrum is probably why he wants to have infantilism and he doesn’t speak to anyone and I very rarely get a conversation put of him. I had a meeting with social services and explained his situation to them and we agreed on the home schooling so I try to to teach him at home which means I can’t work as im a single mother and he’s my only child. It is difficult sometimes but I love him and would do anything for my baby boy to be happy 
  • aww hun thats lovely weldone hunnie u doing everything right xx
  • Thank you do you have the same problem with your kids though? 
  • mine hasent got asd as much as urs but mine do still wee and poo not with nappies but mine are diffrent in behavour problems angry destroy stuff fight scream hide the feases its bloody hard work have adhd aswell xx
  • Oh I feel for you. How old is your son and is it him that has adhd? 
  • my eldest is 18 now he with his dad i had no choice he wanted to live with hom i left his dad due to domestic violence hun and my son was the same as him hurt me swore and nasty my girl is now 14 she stopped it but still jelous and kicks off with adhd and asd all the others have the trates too they all act in simular ways i have 9 with ex 1 with new partner and on number 11 ss got involved with my prevoius partner so i only have my prevois girl and thus one awfull but they all need more then good anouth parenting i would have um all home but they wont let me my girls in residental care if u dont like me now ive told u my story thsts ok ive been treated badly but have a new life now i know how hard it is with asd xxxx
  • Oh my god that’s horrible, I hope you’re ok with it now though xx 
  • yeh im ok still savage everyday but i still see them still sad it got to thst and my little one such a clever little girl she has a little brother on way it is hard thats y i wrote on here to try help with ways for u coz i do understand asd been through it ur little one is just the way he is and i think ur doing whats best for his needs hun his brain development alot younger then he really is thats all hun bless him bet ots nice to carry him round like a baby tho he sounds so sweet xx
  • Yes he really is th fact I can push him around in public in a pram have him in a baby seat and carry him around doesn’t get any attention from people because of him being very small. The thing is he genuinely looks like a toddler like a 4-5 year old xx 
  • awww thats cute innit i feel so proud of u you i u should be proud with yourself too weldone hun your a grate mum to him xxx
  • Thanks so much hun xxx 
  • your welcome hun big hugs xxx
  • I wouldn't change anything it sounds like your son is happy. I'm self in adult with special needs and like your son I feel the same like your son I need to wear cloth nappies and plastic pants. I have a support worker who needs to change my nappy and I act like a big baby too.
  • MrNappy said:
    I wouldn't change anything it sounds like your son is happy. I'm self in adult with special needs and like your son I feel the same like your son I need to wear cloth nappies and plastic pants. I have a support worker who needs to change my nappy and I act like a big baby too.
    I have an intellectual and physical disabilities.
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