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My little preemie

My dd who is now 5 was a preemie. She wasn't very light in her weight but was tiny in size! She weighed 5lb 9ozs at 32 weeks gestation.
Here is what happened:
I had been having braxton hicks for a few days so I thought nothing of the pains that day. My ds1 was in school and ds2 in nursery. I was full of flu and couldn't move off the sofa so my friend collected ds2 from nursery and then I staggered to get ds1 from school as I had been lay on the sofa all day and I was desperate for some fresh air.

My friend stuck around to make the boys their tea and then went home. Dh came home about an hour or so later. My boys were great and were watching tv as I was so ill laying on the sofa.

Dh came home and took over. My friend rung me and when I couldn't speak through the braxton hicks she told me (In her words) ring the bloody hospital NOW!! Cue me having to ring my other friend to come back! I rung the hospital and went up to get checked expecting to be sent home but I was all dripped up and kept in overnight. The labour all calmed down but kicked off again the next morning with a vengeance!

Dd was born about an hour later! At first they said everything was ok but then she started to grunt and struggle to breathe so they took her to scbu. It was heartbreaking going down to the ward with no baby. I made dh go and buy me a card and balloons so people knew I'd had a baby as they were all looking at me all sympathetically like something had happened.

All in all she was only in scbu for 10 days. In the incubator for about 6 days, ripped all her drips and tubes out! I should of known then what a madam she was!!!

She has encountered several medical problems:

Eyesight problems. She still has problems and has just been prescribed glasses.
Feet problems: Positional talipies. But with lots of physio and exercise this is fine now.
Hearing difficulties: She has had grommets put in for the 2nd time. Fingers crossed these work as I didn't dare ask what the next step is if they don't work
Speech delay: This is due to her hearing problems. It is improving lots now
Developmental delay: She has now caught up with her peers now and her teachers say she is excelling in some places
Pigeon chested: I don't know the medical name for this but she is hopefully is going to grow out of it as her body grows bigger

Having a baby in scbu was an very draining time both physically and emotionally. people always say what a good weight she was but she was so tiny. 3-5lb clothes swamped her.

She is a lovely little girl now though and doesn't let anything phase her!


  • Aw sounds like your daughter went through it. Luckily she was a fighter and it is so great to hear things have improved a lot for all of you.

    Karen x
  • Blimey, what a story! so glad that she is coming through it all now though. she looks gorgeous!

    Sorry, but I don't know if you have said what your kids are called? And really sorry, but can't remember yours either and it seems silly to keep thinking of you as mummyto4!!!
  • LOL I'm Sarah, ds1 is jack, ds2 is Alex, dd is Sophie and ds3 is Luke

    I'll edit my tickers to put their names on if I get a chance
  • can i just say what a time you've had! my daughter isabel is 2 and was born at 29 weeks (you can read her full story on here called isabels life so far) and although your daughters had health problems along the way i find it reassuring to know that they can be like "normal" children (excuse the term!) out of curiosity is she small for her age because isabels tiny!! x
  • I read your story. You have had a time too!!!!

    She was tiny for her age and was in 2-3yr clothing at age 4. But the past year she has really caught up and is now in the right age clothing. (Well sort of as it depends where we buy them from)
  • Wow what a story,she has come a long way now tho.
  • My goodness you and sophie really went through it. She must be a really strong little girl and from her picture looks really gorgeous! It sounds like she's doing really now and overcoming any medical problems that have been thrown at her, what a star!!
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