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Hi to all mummys and mummys to be out anyof you have a child with neurofibromatosis .If so would you like to chat with me as i have 3 children with this condition .Thanks


  • Call me thick, but what is it?
    I am also going to google it, however if its all medical jargon it will baffle me!!!
  • I have googled it and am up to scratch!!!!!

    For anyone else feeling thick like me try this link!!
  • Thats very informative,good link caroline.
  • It is a genetic disorder and a hereditary condition passed on from a parent,In callum nianda and zanes case it was passed on from there dad.It is a condition that affects the skin eyes kidneys and other parts of the body .And you have to have regular check ups too there is nf1 and nf2 ,nf2 is more severe, My children have nf1.hope this has helped you understand a little more .Mandyx
  • I have never heard of that before. It does sound like a rare condition though so maybe that's why.

    Caroline i agree that was a very good link to post.
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