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Hi, can anyone help me out there?  My daughter has just turned two and has suffered with persistant tonsilitis.  This usually results in her going to hospital with a high temp and pulse rate.  She has had at least 6/7 episodes in the last year.  I have been given conflicting advice from doctors regarding the removal of the offending tonsils.  Does anyone have any suggestions please?  


  • Hi, i works as a theatre nurse. tonsils acts like a barrier/prevent big piece of foods going in and cost chocking in the food tube. if take away, it is fine. some people said tonsils are useless thing in our body cos it dun do anythings good.

    to stop her from suffering in future, it is best to remove it. my mum refused to have my remove, so i got sick at least 3 times a year. i still have my tonsils, i have to watch out. like i cant eat too many takeways meal like kfc, mcdonald..., i still suffering at least twice a yr and i will hav block ear, nose .... i will get rid of it soon when my children are a bit bigger. exactly, i'm still suffer today.

    after surgery, it will be very sore. so she gonna eat ice cream only for a day or more. so it will be best to have it out by summer!!

    hope this help.

  • Oh dear your poor daughter, not very nice, my husband had his out as a child I suffered but didnt have mine out. Harry has also had it twice in the last year and it makes them very poorly.

    Sorry I dont know the pro's & cons of having them out v not having them out but if she is suffering that maby times surely something needs to be done?  Perhaps have a look on the nhs website or that kind of thing to see if they can offer any advice too?

    Hope she is beeter soon.

  • Thanks everyone! I definitely need to act and at least get her on the waiting list.
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