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Cervical Screening Check-ups

Hi all, I have 2 girls. Mia is nearly 2 & Ava is nearly 6 months. After I had Mia I got a cervical screening letter which I put off because I had only had Mia 4 weeks before. I completely forgot about it & got another reminder when I was pregnant with Ava so couldn't have it done again. I had my test done finally after delaying it for so long & now I have got results that require further testing. I really want to urge all the mums (and any dads reading, to urge their partners) to keep your appointment no matter how much you have on with the kids. I was so shocked by Jade Goodie & how quickly she was gone but didn't think it would ever happen to me. It may be all fine but there is a slight chance it might not be. I hope I can use this website just to help & get people to keep their check-ups. We are all mums or for those who are pregnant, will be mums very soon & it's our responsibility to be around for them as long as we can. I'll keep you all updated with what happens when I've had tests & got results back but please, if you overdue your appointment or can't remember when you had your last one, check it out. Sorry it's not a cheerful topic but I hate this feeling of not knowing & dread & don't want anyone else to go through it.


  • I totally agree Sym,I had an early smear test,due to an aunt dying from cervical cancer before 38,and instantly had problems,long story cut short is have had the dreaded C twice now,at 17 and 20,I am so lucky to have had my boys as was told back then I would never have children due to the aggresive treatment,at the time I didn't care was happy to be in the clear.......managed to conceive but have to have sections because of treatment to cervix,which isn't ideal but feel silly to complain when I'm so fortunate to have had them.

    I CONSTANTLY urge my friends,never put it off,the thought is ALWAYS worse than the deed,and the sooner anything is detected the sooner you can be treated.

    I hope your results are just a repeat hun,as i'm sure they will be try not to dwell on upcoming results,I hope I haven't made you feel more nervous I was a rare case hun,it was rife in my family.

    Well done you for making appt and grabbing bull by horns x

  • Thank you. I've got my hospital appointment for the 7th Sept but it's dragging so much. Plus, I think I'm having an early mid-life-crisis. Lol. I'm 29 in October & it seems like everyone is getting married lately but us. I'd love to do it next year but just don't have the cash. I think Lee got of lightly though. My friend just spent 20k on her wedding & what I want will cost about 1k. Oh, I'm so cheap. Once we find out what is happening that's my next mission. I've booked a cottage for next year so it would be nice if we could turn it into a honeymoon. Fat chance but it's giving me something else to think about. We're just incredibly lucky that we have the girls already. We'd like one more in a few years but we'll just have to see what comes of this next appointment. You've made me feel a bit more chipper though..

    Thank you X

  • Hiimage mid-life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the 30 staring you in the face!!!! Been there got depressed,nowt changes hun! Wedding???? Whoa,spend your dosh on the family,turn your deluxe cottage holiday into eating out every night! I would!!!! £20K.........I'd rather a conservatory LOL!!!!!!!!image Nothing makes me want to be a bride......well gun to the head maybe?image I'm teasing you Sym,be lovely if that's what you want,I'd make sure he knew that huge difference in price!image lol x

    Sept will b here before you know it x

  • Phew, after a long wait for the appointment I had to cancel it due to time of the month. Typical ay. Lol. Went on Tuesday just gone & after a mere 2 delayed wait they have removed all the effected cells so hopefully my letter in the next 4-6 weeks will be good news. Against hospital advice we celebrated by taking the girls to the zoo the next day for a 6 hour drive & 5 hour walk around. Was amazing though so very happy. Hope you're ok ;0)
  • i hope everything comes back clear for you.  Zoos are always such a long walk to get around - I hope your girls enjoyed it.
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