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Hedrin Once promises to get rid of the nasty little beasties in just one application - both nits and lice! It comes as a spray gel and should take 15 minutes to work.

So if you're one of our Hedrin testers we'd love to know:

Did it work?

How easy was it to apply?

How did it feel on your child's head and what did it smell like?

What did your child think?

Any tips to help other mums get to grips with it?

And criticisms and would you recommend it?

If you're not one of our testers but have used the product we'd still love to know what you thought - just mention you're not a tester and where you bought the product from. de-lousing!


  • i got the solution in the post yesterday

    i saw the instruction manual and worked it out as specified, i kept the solution in my hair for 15-20 minutes, and then washed my hair as usual with shampoo and conditioner, and then i combed my hair with nit comb, the nits were out, it really did the job,its really easy to use
    the solution was very mild, not very heavy scented, i really liked it,
    i need to repeat the treatment next week in order to get rid of the nits 100%
  • tried it on my son. it is quite hard. as he keeps moving his head. so scare to spray on his eyes.  it is very oily. got to use a rubber gloves (not provided) and washed the bath tub thoroughly.  the solution is gel but looks like water.


    1. it is easy to spray and the spray hole is not too wide.

    2. only 15 min of treatment. but it is very hard to keep child still for so long.

    3. instruction easily to understand.

    4. not odour at all.

    5. once treatment only

    6. unused bottle can be stored till expiry


    1. no gloves or comb included

    2. hard time to wash the bath tub and hair. took long time. too oily.

    will update again if use again!

  • I put it in my hair last night and am struggling to get it out my hair, I have followed the instructions and still my hair is really oily how do i get the stuff properly out my hair?
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